Smarthings issue with Zigbee after power failure


each time we have a power failure, the charging station can’T reconnect automatically with my 3 zigbee system, Power controller, 2 thermostats.
i found tonight the charging station have now value after the power failure (see below the pictures)
if you have an idea, i will try it.

after power failure

before the power failure

note : the only way to make it work, is if i reset the chargong station (Hub)

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Since the web interface is showing that using the Station’s Zigbee radio is off-line after the power outage, it looks like a defect, but I don’t know whether it’s in that specific hub or in the model line. I think you’re going to have to contact official smartthings support on that one. :thinking:

I’m also tagging @Automated_House just because I know he has at least one station in case he has seen any similar behavior. :thinking:

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Hello JKP

No battery only Electricity.

Hello i found this not into the support page. it’s sounds like it’s normal for Zigbee systems

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Two separate issues.

It’s true that setting “unsecure rejoin” to “true“ might make it easier for some of your zigbee devices to re-join the hub after they’ve lost connection.

But the screenshot that you posted has zeros for the hub itself in all the identifying fields, and says that your Zigbee radio in the hub is turned off. That’s not normal for Zigbee as it indicates that the hub itself failed to recover after the power outage.

It was seeing these entries that caused me to suggest contacting support.

Hello Jd

thanks for the quick response, i already send it to the supports 4 days ago like you suggested to me. still waiting. i guest the are very busy.
i will let you know soon i have an answer.

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