Smarthings issue with Zigbee after power failure

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve got the hub just a few days ago.

I got it via directly delivered to the Netherlands.

I will seek help from the support team for this. Thanks!

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have you tried resetting the hub?

factory reset by following these directions:

  • Disconnect the power cable from the Hub
  • Using a pin or a small tool, hold down the reset button on the bottom of the Hub
  • While continuing to hold down the reset button, replace the power cable
  • When the LED on the front changes to solid yellow, release the button
  • wait 5-10 minutes for the hub to complete the process and the led changes to blue

While zigbee is the same all over the world, zwave is not. It varies from region region, in part, because mobile phone frequencies vary from region to region, and they don’t want the zwave to interfere with local first responder communications.

So if you bought a US model of the Aeotec hub from, you won’t be able to connect Any EU frequency Z wave devices to it. :disappointed_relieved:

If you got the SmartThings “station “hub, you’re OK, because it doesn’t even have a Z wave radio.

But if it was the Aeotec hub, I would recommend Returning it if it is the US model. You can get a UK/EU model from Amazon in the UK or Germany.

Hi. Has anyone resolved this issue? Or do i just need to bite the bullet and purchase a new dongle? A little upsetting since the dongle is only a month old. Thanks.

Hi Tom,

I have the exact issue on my smartthings station. You need to reset the device to get the zigbee working again. But make sure you don’t loose power again. If that happens then you need to redo again. It’s seems to be a bug and i don’t think it will get fixed anytime. I wouldn’t recommend to buy smartthings station to anyone.


same issue on my station. Zigbee not working, cant fix for some reason. Going to return it and buy Aeotec V3