Smarthings devices going Offline in Google home every 24 hours

My Google Home integration of Smartthings has worked for years. Recently I reconnected my account because devices seemed to stop syncing and now ALL the Smartthings devices go Offline in the Google home app (still active and working in Smarthings) every 24 hours or so. Doing a “Reconnect” of Smartthings within Google Home app reconnects everything but I’m not going to relegate myself to relogin every 24 hours.

Any ideas for how to fix this so Smarthings stays linked in Google Home for longer than 24 hours?

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I do not think this will solve your issue:

But it may offer you some clues?

Thanks some interesting insights, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up anything that would help my issue here. There is nothing of-interest in the activity feed that would indicate a disconnect.

Same thing happened to me last week. I reconnected my account trying to fix an issue with one device and now all devices drop offline in Google Home every day or so until I do a reconnect. I tried completely unlinking and then reconnecting. No luck.

I’ve tried many things like deleting the apps and reinstalling, clearing cache, unlinking each direction (e.g. from ST or Google home). Still is an issue.

One thing I noticed is if I make a NEW Smarthings account and added a few virtual devices to it, that new account stays connected just fine. There is something up with the original Smartthings account and Google home interaction.

Another data point

I unlinked from both ends and was going to wait several days before reconnecting just to see if something would get reset on the server side. During that period I ended up getting a new phone. So about 1 week after unlinking on the old phone I reconnected using the new phone.

At first I was a little optimistic because the ST devices all showed up in GH as “linked to you” whereas on previous attempts they were still assigned to rooms.

But sure enough after a day or so they all went offline.

I might try connecting to a new Google account next.

Thanks for the feedback. I submitted a ticket to Smartthings and they believe its an issue on the Google Home side so I will be submitting a ticket to google now.

I submitted a ticket to Google and they think its a Smartthings issue :point_right: :point_left:


Thanks, I haven’t yet brought myself to try a different Google account…worried it’ll somehow corrupt things even more