Smarthings customer service nonexistent Zigbee network is down

My zigbee mesh went down on Feb 14 2023. I saw other have issue with zwave as well. I tried to work with the customer service for almost 3 weks now and I got nowhere. I never realized how bad their customer support is until now.
I needed to find alternatives and I landed on hubitat.For sure after all the years building my smart home with smartthings I did not expect this to happen.
I am glad to hear if anybody has other suggestion.

Would need more info to help. Hub version, device you are having an issue with etc.

what has helped a lot of people with Zigbee is to unplug the hub and remove the battery if V2 and then wait 30 minutes and plug it back in. This will force the Zigbee mesh to rebuild.


I tried everything and nothing worked. Samsung admits there is an issue but there is no solution.
I have 4 ET-WV530.
Over 100 Sylvania br30 zigbee
40 sengled bulb zigbee
30 zigbee plug
45 zwave switch and plugs.
I tried even resetting and reinstalling everything with no luck.
The zigbee bulbs would show up on the app but not respond to commands, 3 weeks working with customer service got me nowhere.

My users with that hub are in the same boat. Only a firmware update from smartthings will fix it. If you do decide to stay with Smartthings then I would get a V3 2018 hub or the new Aeotec. You also have to think about the fact that you have a lot of devices and you may run into memory issues.

Thanks for the info.
I think, as much as I dislike the idea, that I cannot justify continuing investing money in a venture that will get you stranded after years of building your smarthome around their platform.
They have been extremely unprofessional and disappeared when help was needed.
It will take very long for me to rebuild, but I need to move to something else and hubitat seems to be the best choice.

I moved to Hubitat in September because I wasn’t willing to lose Webcore. I’m glad I made the leap and I’ve been very pleased with Hubitat. They don’t push upgrades to your hub and they cannot change anything on the user’s end. They do release regular OS upgrades but the user gets to decide when/if to upgrade to a newer version. And since I’m the only one who can make any changes, if something goes awry, I know where to look. If you make the switch, be sure to get the new hub they just released (C8) and not the previous version which is the C7.

Totally understandable, I used Vera for many years and felt the same way you do now. I went with Smartthings because of Samsung brand loyalty and thought that the support would be great from a large company.

I learned quickly that support tickets were useless and if they did fix something for you it would take months. I also realized that the smart home in general is not really for the average consumer unless your willing to experiment and tinker with things and fix everything yourself. Hopefully Matter will make things more mainstream and fix a lot of the problems. At this point in time I don’t think any of the smart home ecosystems are reliable for the average consumer. Make sure you read a lot before going to any one of them. There are many negatives and complaints about all of them.

The average user in Smartthings has only 10 to 15 devices and are using basic automations. Users with hundreds of devices and complex automations are the 5% like me.

I was let down by the SAMSUNG smartcam too. It is disgusting that they let you nell’ottobre in the brand and then let you down.
It took me years to get to the point of having a reliable working smart home with 100s of device and automations all well integrated.
I totally agree that opening a ticket is useless. I still don’t think is fair and they should be hold accountantable.

How old are those bulbs? If they are ZLL you will most likely have issues on Hubitat unless they are relegated to their own ZigBee mesh without the other devices. ZLL bulbs make awful repeaters.

On it👍

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Good job! I moved over in 2020.

I’m building one mesh with just the bulbs and see how that goes.

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When I had my cree bulbs I kept them separate on a hue bridge and had no issues. I’ve since replaced those bulbs with sengled (which don’t repeat) and those are working well connected directly to The hub. See you over on “the other side”

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If you can get the br30 to work on the ST hub you could use both. There are tools to do that, though it does use the cloud

I suspect this will be improved with the c8, which has an updated Zigbee stack.

More importantly, though, Sengled bulbs aren’t repeaters on ANY Zigbee profile. That’s a manufacturer’s decision. So no issues with that particular brand. :sunglasses:


I spent quite some time organizing my zigbee mesh to the point that even if sylvania have a bad reputation they did not impact the reliability of my network anymore.

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That’s impressive

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And that’s another reason for my frustration. Now all is lost.
At least now I’m aware not to trust Samsung anymore.

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