Smartcam with smartthings control and automation

(adam) #1

i have the smartthings hub and added the smartcam HD Pro … all i wanted to do is that when i “arm” my security and there is an intrusion (open sensor,etc) for the camera to start recording otherwise don’t record anything or just turn off.

if i turn off the camera from smartthings; it will get disconnected from smartthings but it won’t turn off or stop operating (as i can see it from smartcam app) and it will just act normal regardless of its status in smartthings.
my wish list for this setup is the following:

  • if i’m away and there is an intrusion then start the camera and start recording.
  • if i’m home (security is off " disarm ") then just turn off the camera or at least don’t record or detect any motion.

is this doable ??


Connect your smartcam to a smart outlet. Control outlet on/off depending whether you are at home or not.

(adam) #3

i thought about that but wouldn’t it be more efficient if the smartthings can take control the camera through a simple rule :

if (present is false) then enable motion detection (capturing video , sending notification…etc) , if present is true then disable “events or motion detection”.

it seems that smarththings can not take advantage of the smartcam features ?!?

(Joe) #4

I can’t see why you couldn’t’’ as I can with my Dlink cameras. I have it set so if the front door opens or unlocks the cam on the front door records. Same as the back door.

(adam) #5

i just couldn’t figure out how to do that with smarthings + smartCam … its very simple and typical scenario ??? anyone have an idea ??

(Joe) #6

It’s in smart home security goto custom and create your own rule and you can make more then one. That’s were you can select cameras record when and all.

(adam) #7

Thank you guys … you Rock :slight_smile:

(Joe) #8

Glad you got it working.