Smartthings and Arlo HD Pro Cameras

Hi Everyone

I am experiencing a problem with my Arlo HD cameras. I have setup all the rules correclty for the Arlo and it works gets in the Arlo App. Now I integrate with the Smartthings and the cameras show up just fine. The New Smartthings mode is created in the arlo account. So far so good.

Now the problem is that I added my cameras to be enabled/disbaled when I do my I’m Back Routine (coming to the house) - IN this case I turn off the cameras. When I am away I enable them. What I noticed is that the recording option to the cloud from the Arlo site rule is being reset to “Do Nothing” on Motion detection when the routines are toggled. I still see the Cameras as on and can sense the motion but nothing recording to the cloud.


I have been just setting my cameras up using the Arlo geo-fencing. For some reason when using the Smart Thngs rules in Arlo it would keep changing the cameras to do nothing when motion was detected. It would work for awhile then it would stop. I would check the Arlo app and the ST rule would be set to not record. It would also set the camera to detect audio, which I had turned off.

I am using the cameras in ST as motion sensors. I have my motion sensors to only send me notifications when we are away and the camera sensors work as they are supposed to. I have the alerts turned off in the Arlo app and I only get motion alerts from ST.