Enable Motion Detection/Recording when Away & Disabled when Home?

I have some indoor cameras (foscam & Amcrest) i would like to set to only record on motion based on my smartthings routines. Schedule dosen’t work well on my off fridays and when playing hooky form work.
So if a App could enable and disable motion detection based on routines, that would work perfect.

Are these motion sensors built into the cameras? Or smartthings motion sensors?

If they’re smart things motion sensors, it’s easy.

If they are motion sensors built into the cameras, it’s just going to depend on what commands the cameras accept and what you are using for the integration with SmartThings. So you need to be a little more specific in that regard. :sunglasses:

just motion detection algorithm build into the camera, currently can do based on schedule in the camera. i like to upload pictures on detection to a yahoo email account.

In the web page there is a radio button “enable scheduled Recording”, if that could be toggled then i could just set the camera schedule to record all the time. i could also toggle the Alarm Motion Detection on and off. they are foscam FI9826P and amcrest ip2m-841.

You’re on the right track, you should enable / disable motion detection based on the mode.

If you’re using the Foscam Camera Manager you can configure this from within the SmartApp itself:

There are lots of other third party smartapp / routines options to enable/disable based on modes.

OK, i bought the life time subscription and am able to get ALARM - MOTION DETECTION - ENABLE switch to flip with the status with the status of Smart Home Monitor.

is it possible or are there plans to use P2P UID to connect to my camera from outside my home for viewing?

i’m assuming that the Smartthings box only communicates with my cameras on my home network for changing this setting, like the enabling of motion detection.

any plans for amcrest cameras, which is the new foscam company.