Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Motion Detection Integration

Dear ST Community,

I was surprised when I came to know that “Samsung SmartCam HD Pro” device capabilities recognized under smart things platform is only to act as “Switch !!” :scream: which could be more than that. It actually can act as a " Motion Sensor" too :wink: since you can define your motion detection zones in the camera app and based on that the events generated it can be integrated with ST platform so it can act as a motion sensor. Also with little more development from the “Samsung SmartCam HD Pro” app team they can actually categorize the events from different zones (since you can define up to 3 zones in the SmartCam HD Pro native app) and thus you will have 3 motion sensors. :sunglasses:



There’s a discussion already on integrating the camera’s motion sensor. It did work in ST’s testing, but it’s not ready to be released yet due to the Samsung Techwin app also being installed on the phone. This discussion goes into some detail, specifically post #81:

Many users have complained that ST does not use the SmartCam HD Pro motion detector. Not true, it does, but it takes about a half hour to set it up. I followed the steps below and it worked like a charm!

Set up IFTTT to work with Smartthings (create an IFTTT account and connect to your ST hub)
Create a virtual lock in ST IDE (using “add device” and “simulated lock”)
Create a virtual contact sensor in IDE (add device and “simulated contact sensor”)
Go to ST smartapps to authorize IFTTT to access your ST virtual lock
Create IFTTT rule: "if then unlock virtual lock"
Create Smart Home Monitor Custom Rule: "if virtual lock is unlocked then record 1 min video on SmartCam HD Pro"
Create smartapp autolock to re-lock the virtual lock after 1 min. when virtual sensor is closed (automation, add smartapp, security, select enhanced auto lock)
Open SmartCam app, setup/event notification and enter as the address to send email alerts.

When the SmartCam detects motion, it sends an email to IFTTT which unlocks the virtual lock which triggers SHM to record video (up to 2 min.) To view the video, go to Dashboard, history, and click on the event.

Still not true if you want native ST integration that they’ve promised for a couple years now…

I’ve given up on these cameras and use Blink cameras exclusively.