New phone not showing in App or IDE

Hi all,

I’ve just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy device) and i can’t for the life of me get it to show in the app (for automations). It also doesn’t appear in the IDE.

I’ve logged into smartthings on the phone with my usual samsung account and ensured it’s got all permissions (specifically “Location access: all the time”). The app works and looks exactly as i’d expect it to, It just doesn’t show my new phone within the automations.

Any ideas? I’ve cleared the app data and re-logged in a couple of times, but no cigar. The fact it’s not showing in the IDE is worrying…

After you’ve enabled it you have to ensure ‘get your location from this phone’ is turned on in settings inside SmartThings.

Finally in automations it doesn’t show as a’ device’ it instead shows under member locations.

If its properly installed it will show up in the IDE using device type ‘placeholder’

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Thanks Nathan, it was “Get your location from this phone” bit that was disabled.

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