APP - Not showing any things, IDE shows no Hubs?

So I got asked to re-login to the app this evening. I went and signed in and now there is nothing there. The third party integrations (smart speaker) are still working. Seems like Samsung may have messed up the accounts. Any solution to this? I really don’t want to re-setup everything. All this worked before, including some other smart app integrations that I don’t want to have to figure out again.

Check and see if you have a new, empty location it defaulted you to.


Get more details about your Locations at - My Locations tab.

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Thanks to the both! That is exactly it, Samsung must have decided to duplicate my “Home” setup. I have two of them. One blank that I apparently can’t delete online. And then the original one. If only the app will connect at this point to the home hub.

  1. Login to IDE at
  2. Goto Locations
  3. If you have multiple Locations, select the invalid one
  4. Make sure there is no Hub associated to it
  5. Scroll to the right and click Edit
  6. If the Default Location shows “true” (will be read only)
  7. If it is “true”, go back to Locations and select your primary (Real) location and set the default location to “true”
  8. Now you can edit/delete the additional Home location as it will automatically be set to “false”.