SmartApps Monthly Challenge!

(April Wong) #1

Inspired by Jody’s request for a challenge: I welcome you to…
the SmartThings Community SmartApps Challenge!*
(i swear, there’s possibly a better name in the future.)

Here’s how it goes : Once a month, I will present a challenge. It could be a requested idea from the community, or it could be one from the community team, it could be a theme! You have two weeks to write it, and submit on Github.

We will find a medium for you to vote your best (thinking…or something), but in the mean time, you can just email/pm me.

Hide/Share/Collaborate however way you feel, but by the end of the 2nd week, we will release all, and have the community look and vote for their favorite SmartApp written for it.

Winner will get to take home the ultimate championship prize and fame! We’ll badge you with the UltimateCommunity SmartApp Challenge winner *! This badge can be rewarded multiple times! However, until the next winner is decided, you also get keep the title : ULTIMATE CODESLINGER.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Who know! This may be BIGGER, and may involve winning swag, gear, cool stuff, and/or cash prizes in the future! This on-going contest will kick off on April First~!

Let’s the games begin! and May the odds be in your favor, or something like that.

Have an idea you’d want to pitch for the community to write? let me know!

*Okay, that title is way too long. You tell me what you want.

(Joe) #2

How is the winner determined? Who will be testing the code for functionality?

(Joe) #3

Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to participate and take on some of the challenges that are presented. Bring it on! :grinning:

(Eduardo Veras) #4

Can i get a job at SmartThings if i win? lol

(Mike Maxwell) #5

Game on, lets go!..

(April Wong) #6

Hahah Eduardo, you don’t need to win to get a job at ST. just check! :smiley:

(April Wong) #7

Hey Keo,

It will go in multiple phases. :slight_smile: More to come in a bit.

(Chuck Pearce) #8

Love this idea! Can’t wait to see the first contest and the different approaches that each person takes to accomplish.

(Alex) #9

So the winner gets a badge?

(Ron S) #10

I would suggest pooling in whatever we can as a community in addition to a “badge” as appreciation to a fellow brother in arms who has devoted so much time and effort in helping us. Rather there should be different categories such as best device type, app, most helpful etc.

May I also suggest an equivalent of Razzies award for various categories along with integrations? :wink:

A panel of judges with representatives from ST, regular users, power users etc.

(Scott Windmiller) #11

I agree with @smart. I also excited to see what people come up with!

(Chuck Pearce) #12

Soo… @April when are we getting this party started?! Or was this a long con April Fools Joke? :stuck_out_tongue:

(April Wong) #13


So! Challenge this month of April (not to be confused with me):

Party lights. Syncing lights to your playlist. Think bpm, tempo, maybe even genre of music! Or, maybe go through the sound activation route!

Ready, set, go!

(Eduardo Veras) #14

i’ve always wanted some app like that :smiley: LETS SEE WHAT THE COMMUNITY CAN DO

(April Wong) #15

:smiley: What have you guys done thus far ? Is it super secret? :smile:

(Tim Slagle) #16

I’ve been mulling this around. Trying to figure out how we would accomplish this.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #17

I have a working BPM SmartApp that gets the info from the current track via Sonos.

I don’t have any colored lights to make the rest working…

(Tim Slagle) #18

I can help you test with hue bulbs

(Chuck Pearce) #19

What do you mean by BPM SmartApp? I looked at a way to get the the levels like bass, treble, etc. but couldn’t find a good way to do that without jumping through multiple APIs.

I don’t really have any great ideas for this one other than extrapolating that data then applying it to Hue lights to change color/temp based on a base track and use the rest of the lights to flash to the beats. Basically a visualizer -> lights app.


BPM means beats per minute, I think.

There are lots of iOS apps that do this independent of SmartThings, like Hue Disco or Ambify. And a few for Android. Hue has a list of some of the nicest:

The question would be how to do something like this within the SmartThings ecosystem.