SmartApps created on mobile does not appear on my IDE

Hello everybody.

I am new in the ST world so I am discovering a lot of things everyday.
There is something I still do not understand : When I create a SmartApps on my ST app from my android cell, these SmartApps never show up on the IDE of my computer.
Everything works well, and every changes on my cell app is synchronised automaticaly (when I change a name of devices, history, status, etc) but nothing about My SmartApps I have created.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You can’t create SmartApps on mobile, you can only “instantiate” them.

The SmartApp Instances are listed in the IDE under My Locations / SmartApps.

Hi @tgauchat,

As said in the introduction, I am pretty new in the ST world so maybe I do not use the right terms, sorry for that.

I go on my mobile device : Automation/SmartApps/+ Add a SmartApp/Lights & Switches and then create a SmartApp.
After have created the SmartApp, it appear in the Automation/SmartApp.

But cannot see it on the IDE.

Thank you.

No problem being new; sorry I get right to the point and just give you the correct terminology - no judgement intended.

When add Smart Lights to your SmartThings you are instantiating (i.e., installing) the SmartApp, you are not “creating” it.

All the SmartApps you have installed will be listed in the IDE at:
My Locations
(location name) … smartapps

(Note: These are NOT under the “My SmartApps” section of the IDE!!! That section is for SmartApp source code that you write or paste in from other developers, and then you still need to instantiate those SmartApps.).

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Okayyyyyyy ! I see now

Thank you very much, you were very helpfull.

Sorry I just start in the ST and am a bit lost.

Thank you again

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