IDE FAIL...SmartApps not listed to edit, delete, etc

(Egan Greenstein) #1

Logged into the IDE today, but when I go to My SmartApps I only see one app. If I go into My Location, then smartapps, I see the 5 I currently have installed. The issue is that I can’t edit, delete, update, etc. any of my SmartApps. They’re all still visible on the Android app in their various categories, however.

Is anyone else seeing this?



Tim, think this is related to what people were reporting on your app?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

There is a difference between installed smartapps and IDE smartapp code.

The IDE will only show the smartapp custom code you have created / copied.

The location / app will show you what you have installed and configured.

When you publish a smartapp in the IDE, it will show up in the app as one you can now install.

If you have a smartapp started in the simulator, it will show up in the app as well.

Kind of confusing at first…


So if you install one of the officially published smartapps through the mobile app, like, say, Keep Me Cozy, then to delete that you have to go back into the mobile app and uninstall it from the device you associated with it? Or am I still confused?


(Egan Greenstein) #5

OK, that makes sense (well, in a logic sense but not a usability sense). Thanks for the refresher.

I was trying to update @tslagle13’s Home Director with the new code so I could delete it as part of my clean-up and troubleshooting process, but since I installed it through the mobile app there’s no way to paste in new code…or currently delete it. I assume an update will get accepted through ST eventually and pushed out.

I had the same issue with SmartAlarm, which I had installed according to the My Location -> smartapps list, but it wasn’t anywhere under My SmartApps or in the mobile app. That was an hour ago when I posted. Now…it’s gone.

All of my issues feel like they’re related to past experiments with various SmartApps and lingering database entries. Has anyone wiped their account completely clean and rebuilt it. Does that require rebuilding the whole Zwave network links, or just the installed smartapps and actions?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #6

Just work with and they can clean up any issues with your system, if any.

Yeah, its confusing how SmartApps and the IDE vs the mobile app work.

You can remove the installed SmartApps in the IDE, but you have to do it in the hub / location area and click the edit button. Then remove.

Hopefully that helps.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

You can uninstall it from:

  1. The same place you installed it (i.e., the same tab or page in the Mobile App). If it is a Solution App (Dashboard App…) then it will be linked to a shortcut or similar and you may have to dig around to find it. If it is a Category App, then you find it under the same Category (and there is a “Search” function that I think works across Categories).

  2. or You can delete it in the IDE.

(Mike Swanson) #8

This is the issue I’ve been having for over a week now. @tslagle13 's app, in particular, but this is a ST problem.

You can’t delete the app because while the app exists, the code doesn’t (this sounds odd, I know). You can try to delete in any way possible, but ST only throws errors when you do. I have a ticket in with support, and I was told they’d have a fix last Monday. 6 days later…

I’ve been back and forth with support on this. @Tyler: I need some sort of help on this, if there’s anything you can do.

(Chris) #9

@SparkyXI were you ever able to get the official Hello Home Director removed? I’m still getting the shimmy shake from support.

(Mike Swanson) #10

Nope. Nothin’. Nada. I’ll try to hit up support again.

(Chris) #11

I was finally able to delete about 20 min ago.

(Mike Swanson) #12

Excellent. I just worked with Chris at support, and he got me squared away. I stumbled upon the fix:

  1. On the phone, open the app
  2. Select presence devices
  3. Deselect the device you want to go away
  4. Hit Okay
  5. DO NOT hit “done”. Go to the bottom, and uninstall.

Boom. ST Support totally rocked the house tonight. So glad to have this resolved.


I hate the UNINSTALL button in the mobile app. Never intuitive. :fearful: