SmartApps created on Android cell does not appear on my IDE

Hello everybody.

I am new in the ST world so I am discovering a lot of things everyday.
There is something I still do not understand : When I create a SmartApps on my ST app from my android cell, these SmartApps never show up on the IDE of my computer.
Everything works well, and every changes on my cell app is synchronised automaticaly (when I change a name of devices, history, status, etc) but nothing about My SmartApps I have created.

Thank you in advance for your help.

When logging into IDE, use and then you will be redirected to the correct shard you belong on. Then you can create your SmartApps and Device Handlers and they will show up in the Marketplace for My Apps on the mobile app.

Thank you for your answer @WB70

Maybe I was not clear or something there works wrong with my IDE but I can confirm that I connect to the IDE with my account, since I can see all my devices, stauts etc, and also I can see all the modifications I did with my cellular, but not the SmartApps I have created with my cellular.