Add new SmartApp from IDE?

Ok, based on conversation in this link, I’m trying to add a new smart app to my ST. As some staffer mentioned, this process is fantastically undocumented. A little help?

Here’s what I’ve done:

Went into IDE online.
Created a new SmartApp called Weather Trigger.
In the code window, clicked Browse SmartApps.
Opened Dark Weather, copied the code, pasted it into Weather Trigger.
Associated it with my only location.
Put it into the Mode Magic category.
Saved it.

It now appears in the list of My SmartApps in the IDE.

Restarted the iOS App. (SEVERAL times over the course of several hours.)
Restarted the hub.

Still no Weather Trigger in Mode Magic or anywhere else I can find in the iOS app.


I recall having this problem several weeks ago with another app. That one just spontaneously appeared as far as I can tell.

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Save it in My Apps instead and then go into Apps on your phone to “Explore SmartApps” and then under My Apps your app should be there. I’ve only saved apps under My Apps, so I’m not sure saving it where you did will show up. What’s your app going to do?

OK, I changed it to My Apps. But you say it will be under “My Apps.” There is no such thing in iOS. There’s “Apps.” Is that what you mean? In any case, it hasn’t appeared yet, even after restarting the iOS app.

For me the key wasn’t restarting the ios app, it was logging out and logging back in. Then a brand new category of my apps appeared

Greg, that almost did it!

I logged back in and found the “My Apps” category… but the Weather Trigger isn’t there. At least not yet.

JCSG350: I don’t know if it’s going to work, but what I want it to do is tell ST to change modes from “Nice Day” to “Bad Weather” when the weather turns bad.

I’m still new to ST but the only place I saw to make mode changes happen automatically was from the hello home gear icon - click on the mode - additional settings - but then the triggers are only someone arrives, leaves, time, sun position, things happen or things don’t happen.

Perhaps it’s possible but I didn’t see it from the standard options.

@differentcomputers, yes under Apps as I mentioned. When you tap on the upper left of your device in ST, the menu that comes out from the left should include Apps. Tap on that and you should see “Explore SmartApps”. Tap on that and you’ll see My Apps. Tap on that to see “Related SmartApps” to see what you’ve created.

I’ve never had to wait or restart the app for it to show up. I just now created a test app (copy/pasted an existing app’s code), and it showed right up after saving and publishing it.

Just to double check, the Category you saved it under was “My Apps”, and then where you can edit the code, you clicked on “Save” and then “Publish -> For Me”?

The smart apps I’ve made after the first one have showed up without me having to log out and back in. But the first time there was no my app section until I logged out and logged back in. I found that suggestion here on the forums.

@differentcomputers, just saw your reply post. That’s an interesting idea. I can see where you can just remove the check for a water sensor in Dark Weather in your own code and just look at weather to trigger a mode change.

I’ve never experimented with weather triggers, so I may have to play around with this.

Still no joy though. I have My Apps, and my “If Temp at Time” IDE smart app is there, but no Weather Trigger app. When I look in the IDE, they’re both right there on the page in My Apps.

That’s weird, it should be there. I would suggest just opening the app up again in the IDE, and publish it for yourself one more time.



Really, save should be enough.


Aaaaaand worse… the “Dark Weather” app, now that I have it, only works with sensors, not any kind of weather API.

So I’m dead in the water.

Thanks to everyone for their help though.

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Hello @differentcomputers. Sorry took so long to reply, I couldn’t get logged into the forums. I don’t think you are looking for a SmartApp. I think you are looking for the weather tile. If so, log into the IDE, add a new device and for the device type select SmartWeather Station Tile. That will then add a new device to your list. Click on that on your iPhone and you can put in your zip code. Hope this helps!

Hey Jeff,

That Weather Station tile does look like it might work. But I don’t see any way to make it control the mode!

Yeah, I’m not sure about that part…I just know that it had most if not all of the values you were looking for.

The device type won’t control the mode. But it should provide the sensors that Dark Weather is looking for. (I haven’t actually looked at Dark Weather, so I don’t know what it needs.)

So close, but no cigar. Dark Weather doesn’t “see” the Weather Tile as an input sensor in its configuration window. It does see my laundry flood sensor, but that’s not much help.

Hey guys, I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but I wrote Dark Weather. Were you able to get it working @differentcomput? I’m all for making improvements, so let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I also may ask for help since I’m not a coding whiz. :wink:

On the UK IDE is a disaster. Sometimes ‘My apps’ appears, sometimes not, sometimes the app appears automatically and sometimes not.