SmartApp doesn't show in Dashboard

(Roger Oppenheimer) #1

Hi Everyone. I am fairly new to ST, so if my question is too simplistic, please excuse me. I recently added a new SmartApp (X10 Bridge,) to my Smart Apps, and for some reason it does not how up on my Dashboard (Android). I have logged out of all devices both online and on the Android to no avail. I have another SmartApp on my Android, and it shows up and works well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




You added it via the IDE using the “My Apps” option I assume? After you saved it, did you “publish it” “to me”?? If so, using your mobile app, did you add it using the + option

(Roger Oppenheimer) #3

I said I was a NOOB! I forgot to add the app to my Android by using the + option. It now works! Thanks for your quick reply and help.