Google Calendar Integration to SmartThings via IFTTT—any Alternatives?


My requirement is this, when I block some dates in the google calendar, a virtual switch is set to ‘On’ in ST on the start date and the same virtual switch is set to ‘Off’ on the end date. I am achieving this through IFTTT and it has been working perfectly for a couple of years now wherein google informs IFTTT on the start and end dates to fire events and ST switch is set by the IFTTT in the ‘Then’ condition. Is IFTTT the only way out to achieve what I want to?

  1. If you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, @Mariano_Colmenarejo has a very clever edge driver with calendar functions which is popular in the community.

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

  1. if you have an android phone, you can use a third party app, Tasker, to tie Google calendar and Google assistant together, but I don’t know the details of that method

  2. you can use another third party app, zapier, which works something like ifttt, but it gets complicated so I would only recommend using that if you are already using zapier for something else

  3. SharpTools has some calendar information, but I don’t know if they offer a way of using your existing Google calendar information as the trigger/filter on a rule. Hopefully someone else will know. :thinking:



By the way, it might help to know more details of the use case.

One common example is setting location mode to “vacation” whenever there is a Google calendar entry of “start vacation” and back to “home” whenever there is a Google calendar entry of “stop vacation.”

Some people set a color changing nightlight to a specific color, maybe blue, for school holidays, again triggered by a specific entry in the calendar.

Yes I have a smartthings V3 hub and am using Marianno’s calendar driver only for some of the automations.

My use case is similar to your’s wherein I set the VS to ‘on’ when I start my vacation and ‘off’ when I end it. This is the same for Sat and Sun also so basically I have routines to fire when I am working and not working.

Marianno’s calendar seems ot have sun rise time, day length, offset etc. but how can I use this to basically say I am off from 12th Aug to 16th Aug for example?

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Alternates to IFTTT to integrate your Google Calendar with SmartThings.

  1. Olisto a free Dutch service similar to IFTTT, but more limited in scope. Integrations include both Google Calendar and SmartThings.

  1. If you use an Android phone, Tasker can be used. It has a very small one time fee and has lots of potential uses. But it is quite technical.

Another option if you have a Samsung phone is to use Bixby routines.

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