Lesson in SmartThings

So, until recently, I’ve not been able to get Sunrise / Sunset events to trigger my Routines (which in turn also triggered my modes) which all of my automation was driven off of.

After getting my sun state fixed I was still having issues getting my Routines to act right. What was good yesterday might not always be good today!

I moved all of my lighting events over to the new Lighting app (dear developer…I love you!) which enabled me to greatly simplify my routines.

Keep it simple stupid and now it works perfectly!

Point to all of this is…if you are having issues and getting as frustrated as I did (was ready to flush it all down.the toilet)…send in a ticket and walk away for a bit.

I hadn’t considered that maybe what worked yesterday might not follow the same logic today. We have so many different ways to control devices. Take a moment to consider if your logic is as simple as it could be…if not, spending some level headed time to rethink your logic and implimentation can make all the difference!

Dear Support…thanks for putting up with my frustration. I’m all sorted out (for now :wink: ) and lesson learned. Next time re-evaluation of how it can be done differently will be step #2…not the last resort.

My apologies and thank you support!

Yes the lighting app is great. I’ve tried to use other custom apps with my hue bulbs, but none of them seem to be as responsive as the light wizard. I hope they expand on it and allow us to set up more complex hue scenes, trigger on lux level, and nested if statements.

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The only thing missing in the Smart Lights is “turn off after x-minutes.” Other than that, I love the app. Let me replace many of my other SmartApps.


Do you mean if you manually turn on a light?

Yes. What the “power allowance” app used to do.

I have a laptop cord in my den that I have plugged into a module. I leave it plugged in all the time cause I’m lazy and don’t like to get out of my comfy chair when I need to plug it or to pull it out when I’m done, so I have SmartThings just automatically turn off the plug after x-number of minutes of it being on. No vampire waste of the adapter being left in but my laptop being fully charged.

I also have kids who aren’t always good about turning off their lights in their room. Plus, they like to listen to music or have their ceiling fans running when they fall asleep. Again, I just have ST turn these devices off x-number of minutes after they’ve been turned on and all is well.

Smart Lighting can use “turn on” as a trigger for an action, but there isn’t a built in way (unless I’m blind) to delay that action. For example, I can have Smart Lighting turn off a switch as soon as it see it turned on (great for things like outlets that power garage door relays), but now way to say: Turn it off 100 minutes later.

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Yea im in need of this feature as well. They had an option prior to the update. Ive been looking everywhere for it since it seems to be a very basic functionality option.

Here’s @bravenel’s code for the power allowance app:

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One critical feature still missing in Smart Lighting is the ability to set dim levels independently for multiple switches. This is particularly annoying because there’re several community-developed apps that can do that. Even my 10-years old Z-Wave remote control can do that.


Yeah, it’d be more correct to say: “The only thing missing, imho, is…”

I only have a few dimmers and honestly don’t play much with dimming other than maybe once or twice a month… if that.

Yep, instead of using logic like -

Set these lights --> Set to on and to this level.

It should be -

This light --> Switch on and this level
This light --> Switch on and this level
This light --> Switch on and this level
This light --> Switch on and this level
This light --> Switch on and this level

My outdoor lights I have set to a sunset/rise schedule but I normally have the backdoor one set to 1% and the rest set to 100%, sadly I could do this with Wink but I’m sure they’ll get something at some point.

Really the biggest thing we need is the ability to properly create groups.

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