Suggestion what SmartApps I will use


Just a month with my smartthings. Right now my Mode are Home Day triggered by good morning, Home Night triggered by good evening, Night triggered by goodnight, Away triggered when we are both away (use presence sensor) and Home triggered when one of us arrived but will not do automatically when current mode are Home day or Home Night. But if its on Away mode when we arrived it goes to Home mode and it will stay there until other mode will triggered. What I want is the mode will change from Away to Home Day if the time we arrive is bet. 6am to 6pm or Home Night when we arrived bet. 6:01 pm to 10pm. There is no problem if we arrived night because it will automatically back to Night mode when things quiet down for certain times. I there any app that I can use what I want?Thanks.

(Greg) #2

you want @tslagle13 newly approved app - you can install through ST directly now


Yes it will work in addition of Night mode.