Smartapp to control light, etc for sporting events?

Found the following link where someone turned a raspberry pi and goal light into a service enabled Goal light:

It was a hack for the Budweiser Red Goal Light (WHICH IS AWESOME):

When your team scores it would turn the red light on and then off shortly after. Anyone interested in trying to create a smart app…

You can do this now with the Phillips Hue IFTTT channel as long as you have a source for the goal information.

ESPN has a sports newsfeed if that meets your particular requirements:

I was trying for an IFTTT with an outlet, but the ESPN app didn’t have goal scored or anything like that…

You can use the same idea but you have to have something parse the ESPN feed. Then you can use the IFTTT maker channel to send in the “if” trigger. That’s why I said you needed to have a source for the goal information. Quite a few people do this with Tasker.

But there are other ways to do it as well.

IFTTT is not reliable with the delays I have experienced in the past. I have started developing this application but could use plenty of help…

I haven’t gotten into the service or JSON response yet, but this is the start if anyone wants to help (BTW this is my first smartapp)…

Hi pmjoen,

Did you have any luck finishing this app? Sounds like something I could use!

It stalled then I found someone who literally created the same thing I started. It’s called Sport Notifications. It only has NHL right now but the developer will be extending to other sports.

I so want this for soccer ifttt is always so delayed

Perfect. Just in time for the Oilers game!!


There is a delay but it all depends on smartthings. Nothing more than 30 seconds.

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Worked well last night. My special disco lights came on around 10 seconds after the goals were scored. Not perfect, but still fun!

There was sure a lot of thought that went into that app…reading through the other post, the developer seems very eager to accept suggestions. Love the goal horn too!!! I have a Sonos player upstairs and I had set it loud enough that I could hear it downstairs. I look forward to Smartthings integrating better with Google Home and being able to use those devices as speakers.

Anyway, thanks for pointing the app out to me!!!

Go Oilers Go!!!