Live Sports API Trigger (action)?

I hope everyone is doing well!!!
I have been looking around the “InnerTube” and have not found all the parts I need to make this Dream come true. First of all I love the Concept of the “Smart Home”. I have a STv3 hub and 20 some devices, mostly lights. Anyway I just love it.
I want to TRULEY have LIVE…I mean LIVE. College football team scores via API be announced on my SONOS Speaker. Sometime I can’t get the game and I’m doing something else. Yes I Have apps on phone that “DING” when a team scores… I want the Bigger picture!! I want to trigger lights and colored lights based on which 2 of my teams I track score.
The part’s I’m not getting is how to get that API ?? do I use Rapid API…and pick a sport score API??? My next questions are getting that to work inside ST??

Anyone doing this??

Hi, @Huskerswon! It’s great having you back here in the Community!

I don’t know about the API that you can call to get updates about the Sport you’re following but on the SmartThings side, I would recommend you check if the SONOS speaker can receive commands to “announce” something because I’ve seen there’s an option in the Routines tool which is known as Text-to-Speech (TTS) but I’m not sure if the device was configured to receive text from the API to turn it into voice in the speaker.
For that, you can get the SONOS device’s details through the API (Get Device) and if you see a command that could help, you can test it with Execute Command.

On the other hand, sending commands to lights based on another Cloud’s event (supposing there’s a Sports API that can send you events), you can create a SmartApp that would receive them and convert them into SmartThings commands for the corresponding lights.

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There is a way to do some of what you want without an API if you have a Samsung smartphone that has Modes and Routines. If you do, in Routines you would have it look for a notification from a sports app that notifies when your team scores, i.e. theScore, and then have it control devices in Smartthings. It won’t announce the score but Sonos could tell you your team scored and ST could turn-on and set light color.


The Sonos device supports a playTrack command that takes a URI as an argument. Not sure if that’s how the ST mobile app plays notifications on Sonos speakers or if there is another method. Also, can’t say who is responsible for the Text-to-Speech conversion.

I’ve read that Sonos exposes a Text-to-Speech API, but links I’ve followed are behind Sonos’ developer portal and require a login.

I do have Samsung Phone. I will have to look into this. I will try to link it to theScore notification I use. Different way of looking at it. I like it.