Creating a workflow and smart app

This will be my first attempt at developing with SmartThings so I have a few questions about which route I need to be exploring. IFTTT does what I am trying to do but IFTTT is very slow. With that said, I’d like to write my own directly talking to the API for the tool I’d like a return value from

I’d like to get some ESPN scores for certain games and teams. Based on the return value via the ESPN API, I’d like for my lights to change certain colors and/or flash. What I am not sure of is the following:

  1. Do I need to create a SmartApp in SmartThings that’ll supply the GET request to ESPN’s API?
  2. Will the SmartApp then allow the return value from the ESPN API to trigger a workflow to do something? For example, if the return is true, flash my living room lights blue
  3. Or is the workflow separately done?

Where should I be getting started in terms of what I need to do? Is a SmartApp what I need to be working on or do I need to be doing something differently?

Somewhat similar but maybe this thread will get you started:

Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

You’ll want to probably look at the following code here, as it is more current and also written to allow future plugins for different sports. Not sure if you want to just write your own child sport service or not, but it would at least be a good starting point for your own app if that is what you plan on doing. I’ve just not had the time to investigate other APIs for other sports - we just use the NHL child service for now.

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This should be a good starting point. I don’t have to create it from scratch if most of the work is there. I’ll see where I get. Thank you for sharing!!!