App Credentials

When I try to create automation in the development workspace for Acme Control Panel Example, I got the message

“SmartThings is not able to verify the registration of the WebHook SmartApp. Please make sure your app is available and properly implemented, and verify again.”

Can anyone tell me how to VERIFY APP REGISTRATION?

Its README file says
“Confirm that your app is ready to receive lifecycle events
Look in your server log for a line with a URL to use for verifying your app. Visit this URL to confirm the location of your app (you can do this in a web browser).”
I, however, could not find where is the server log.

I believe there is a bug in the example. There should be a URL generated and logged via ngrok, assuming you are using ngrok. Instead I am seeing an HTTP Request of "POST / 404 Not Found ". I will report the issue.

The docs were updated with two pieces of information.

  1. Creation of a local data directory
  2. When you set the target URL you need to include /smartapp. The target URL should look something like

You should then see a confirmation request URL generated in your node server tab like this:

Thanks so much !

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