Simulator Dead?

It just spins and spins and spins…

Is it just me?

You guys should talk…

My home is offline totally messed up.can’t do anything

So angry right now

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Yup particularly bad day today for a s uk users. Some real delays and missed actions

I’m looking into it guys :slight_smile:

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There was a moment of increased load around the time you posted this topic, but things seem to have settled down.


@slagle Yup I can confirm it’s settled down again and working fine was just a bit wobbly for a couple of hours . Can’t say I’m Angry about it. ST seems to have got very reliable for me over the last 6 weeks or so pretty much since I removed my Sonos and DNLA devices.
I’m still using my voxcommando solution for voice notifications which is working well. I would love to try adding my Sonos back in… but I’ve become very happy with ST of late. I’m encouraged by the work I’m seeing you guys undertaking to improve stability further.
Now issues of missed executions today is the first time for me for a while now but I do have to ask from an operations point of view do you have any idea what the root cause was that triggered the increased load? And since you have reporting of this is there something you guys can do to get proactive on preventing this ahead of customer complaints in the community.? Anyway keep up the momentum and good work on platform stability!

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It is still broken here.

Coming up on two days here. Support responded as though the issue was on my end (clear browser cache, etc.). Do they not see there is a problem? Am I the only one seeing this?

simulator worked for me Sunday night appx 8pm EDT in Chrome - first time I ever pursued it.