Smart apps triggers got slow for the last 2-3 hours


I have an issue at the moment with Smart apps not being triggered in time.
For example, I have ligths and switches which are triggered when my motion sensors or contact sensors change state. They got triggered at least 30 seconds later now.

is there a known issue on ST servers ?


It happens every time we switch to/from Daylight Saving Time.

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ok. and the solution is ?

You might just have to wait until the SmartThings cloud settles down.

But you can try “updating” your SmartApps…
My Locations tab
select your location - smartapps
click on “update” on each one.

I am experiencing the same thing. Glad to now there is a reason.

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funny that we are being happy “there is a reason”
this is not the service level that I expect from Samsung…

I did that now to one of the problematic smart apps. but it did not solve.
should I go over all of them ?
will it really matter ?

now it is resolved.
I don’T know if it is because I did the update or not…

I’m not sure that anything is slow here, but my “turn on the lamp at 8am” SmartLighting automation was too fast (by an hour) - it ran at 7am, which used to be 8am.

Good thing I don’t use SmartThings as an alarm clock :grin:

As hard as it is to believe, there’s a historical problem with time change between standard and daylight savings times! Hang in there, it will probably resolve by tomorrow…


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After the third time it happened (years ago), I would find it very hard to believe if it ever didn’t have any issues.

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Yeah :grin:


And to think we were afraid of Y2K!