Horrible Latency

Is it just me, or the latency today is horrible. I am getting anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds delays for both cloud and local processing.

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I’ve been seeing that off and on since last night and the mobile app keeps crashing, but by the time I go to report it everything is working fine again.

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Sorry, I’ve been reprogramming my thermostats.


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I’ve been busy ignoring SmartThings for the most part but it keeps leaving me in the dark, so it’s hard. Actually it looks like the cloud is fine, the local processing is slow. I might need to get off my butt and reboot the hub, I bet that will fix it.

What’s up Bobby. It’s been an hour since your last post, so maybe it’s better for you now, but I’ve not seen anything like that. Quite the opposite actually.

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Mine has been slow, but it’s off and on. And been happening for a week or two at this point. Today was extra bad though, a few devices flat out wouldn’t turn on/off in the app even, let alone the automations.

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Hey, I am glad is not a platform wide issue. It gives me hope that support can fix it. I am still seeing huge delays on locally processed instances. Even the mobile app updates the state before the lights come on. Anyway, I did a hub reboot and actually kept the hub turned off (no power, no batteries, no ethernet cable for 30 min and the hub never reported inactive in ide, which I thought was strange). Will see on Monday what support has to say, if it’s not magically fixed by then.

I saw a 5 second or so delay between my MBR motion sensor picking up my presence and the lights being turned on last night, but that’s about it.

All kidding aside, I haven’t seen any in past few days.

That’s good. I have experienced this once ir twice before and it usually cures itself in a day or two…

UPDATE (8 hours later) …and the lag is gone!