Smartapp notification... will this one exist in new platform?

Im not sure the name of this smartapp: looks like a TV screen for the icon and is labeled Kitchen Door… in the pic below:

The options are many for this smart app, top ones are:

Any idea what this app was called, and more importantly, if its will persist under the new platform?

Thanks again!

Login to IDE, go to My Locations and click on smartapps. If it is listed there, it is a groovy smartapp and will not work with the new architecture.

You can uninstall it there.

No smartapps appear there for me. Guess it wont exist and this is just legacy… ill toy with whether the existing instances still work though and report back

I’m guessing it is probably the old SmartThings ‘Notify me When’ SmartApp. I haven’t found anything as simple as it was to replace it. It would allow me to select multiple devices (like all of my contact sensors), and then it would notify me with the name of which device was opened (simple). To do this using Automations, I’ve had to create multiple separate Automations for each device with its specific notification. So I’ve only done a few of my devices and not all of them.

Note to Samsung, there were a few other SmartThings provided legacy SmartApps besides Smart Lighting that were very useful. ‘Notify me When’ is just one of them.

Another SmartThings provided SmartApp was ‘Left it Open’. I’ve had to create a virtual timer switch (thanks @TAustin) with multiple different Automations per device sensor to do a similar repeat notification when a specific sensor was left open. Again, not as easy as just selecting multiple devices, setting a timeout value, and it notifying which device(s) have been left opened.


Yeah, that must’ve been it. I used it to Notify by text when the home was in a certain state and the back door opened… indicating the dog walker was likely there. The notification text was simply “dog walker here?”

That particular use case can be done with Routines on the Automation tab of the app. Static notification texts like that can normally be done with Routines. Its dynamic texts with the sensor name like @DaWeav mentions that are impossible (or require work arounds) with Routines.


Thanks all. And as promised, I tested what I still saw in my app, and they were ghosts. They no longer worked.