Notify Me When - Timer Feature Request

Could we add a timer feature to this smart app?

For example… I would like the app to monitor when my doors open but only after 5 minutes before sending notification.

Some entrances will have high traffic but should never be opened for a long time.


you might want to check out smart rules or web rule builder the may be able to do that for you while you wait for the update.

I do appreciate the suggestion, however I rather not have too many dependencies with my security system. Especially with more immature applications from third parties.

I’m a sw developer and know the chaos and reliability of releases especially from smaller newer companies.

I can probably write a smart app myself but for the same reasons above I rather not muck with my own security.


Interesting response, you should do some more reading. I think you may be missing some important information about how smartapps work.

I read the full tutorial for smart apps.

I assume I would set preferences to control my sensors. Set listeners for state changes. Run a time delay task to ensure the device remains in the same state. Notify via SMS or set home modes… The framework provided in groovy seemed rather simple.

Given what I’ve read of these forums, I feel not everything is working as expected. I tried to create a device type but couldn’t launch the simulator.

There seems to be lots of bugs floating around, so I’m assuming they are focusing on critical bugs at the moment. Anything I create will not have rolling qa. The smart apps provided by smart things, I assume will. Whatever changes they make behind us external developers, I assume they will check against their core products and functions. Hence I rather wait on them updating notify me when… Thats just my opinion.

Maybe as I see more functionality and stability, I will trust more with their ide and framework.

This functionality is already available in Smart Home Monitor app. You’d need to create a “custom” rule.

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Thanks bobby. I missed those custom rules.