Door open reminder smart app

Does anyone know what happend to the smart app that allowed you to set up an automation to notify you if a door (contact sensor) had been left open after a set period of time?

I still have an automation set up with it for my front door but can no longer find the app to set up another for my fridge door, it seems to have disappeared.

It should be located at the bottom of your automations tab.

Keep in mind the Smart Apps are part of the legacy platform that will be shut down in the not to distant future. So this will only be a short term solution.

Your can do the same thing with a routine which is part of the new platform. IF door is open for X min. THEN send notification.


Yes, it used to be at the bottom of the automations tab but isn’t there any more.

I have already, as you suggested, set up an automation but the smart app gave you the ability to repeat the notification every"x"minutes, which is useful if you don’t notice or hear the first notification.

Have you tried the ST Web portal my.SmartThings.Com look under automations.

Hi @paulonthenet

Are you found it?

You have to click on “+” new Routine and then on the bottom right there is a Discover menu.

You press and at the end of everything there are the smartApp

Remember, this will disappear when groovy IDE disappears.

Does that sensor Turn on any light?

Do you want to notify you always or only if you are away from home?

If so or you want to use a virtual switch, you can make an automation with a reminder

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Thanks for the information. I found it following your directions.

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