SmartApp API endpoint & Migration from SmartThing Classic


I have a corporate client having 100s of locations. There is a custom SmartApp deployed on those locations. The base API End point of our SmartApp at all the locations is same i.e “”.

I would like to make sure that after migration, the custom SmartApp will continue to work using the same API end point. I created a new Samsung Account to login at During testing, I am seeing that the API end point for this account is different from the corporate client account. Although, all our functions are working perfectly with new account.

Can someone confirm that after migrating the main account to new app, the API end points will remain same in that account?


As I understand it, You should not be using that endpoint anymore because different accounts can be on different cloud shards.

Instead, use the universal signon URL and it will automatically direct each person to the correct shard.

More information:

FAQ: How to find out what "shard" (cloud slice IDE URL) your Account / Location is on?

Thank @JDRoberts. So, when I use to login to our corporate account, we are directed to Do you think its safe to assume that even after migration we can use the same URL to call API end points of our SmartApp?


The API endpoints for custom groovy smartapps will not be impacted by using the new app. We do encourage you to check out the new developer tools that are available.