Again... issues with endpoints

So I add some new switches today, a couple of which I need to add endpoints to so other stuff can actuate them, and I run into this…

The app is visible in the IDE and the mobile app, and the currently setup endpoints are still working.

So before I go and delete it and set it up again (invalidating all of my current endpoints), anybody here know of a fix. I would ask support, but have been repeatedly told not to ask technical questions of technical support because they don’t have the answers.

Every time my interest in SmartThings gets renewed, I am quickly reminded why I lost interest previously. )c:

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Are you on NA02 or NA01? You have to use the proper URL prepend to get to the right nodes.

How is a typical customer supposed to know this? Is it in the account information somewhere?

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You’ll know from he URL of your location. A typical customer should never need to know this. A developer should though. For a developer it’s easy we tell you in the response for the OAuth request.

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How? What in that url will tell me that?

When you click on your location if it says NA02 you’re on NA02. If not, you’re on NA01.

I see nothing indicating NA02 at blah blah

So are you saying should still be working?

By the way, I noticed something new in the SmartApp, a required input for locks, labeled “you can’t add anything here yet”. Nice, makes the app un-updateable.

This example is no longer recommended. We haven’t used this as an example in a while. You would be much better off building your own endpoint. So you can control it. We also will not be updating or making changes to this and will probably sunset it at some point.

OK… just to be clear, SmartThings will no longer supply a simple method to users (not devs) to create endpoint URLs. The last time you borked this (back in 2014), there was some discussion that a more permanent method would be created going forward.

And there is documentation and examples for an app for creating endpoints?

Yeah, there are docs for creating endpoints.

I’ll assume your confirmation regarding my first question is negative. That is really unfortunate @Ben. Folks should be able to do this without becoming a dev.

On the bright side, this will allow Alex to brag about 250,000 developers at the next Samsung dev conference. :wink:


BTW, luv how you deprecate shit with no notice!

@scottinpollock how are you trying to grab an endpoint?

Hey @jody.albritton

I’ve never needed to create an app/script for this; I just used the endpoint example SmartThings provided to generate a list of URLs. Many HAM Bridge users do as well.

And Event Ghost users…

I have an endpoint SmartApp that will probably work for your needs. I need to simplify the instructions this weekend, and then I will update this thread.


Thanks, hopefully it will work better than the one I took a stab at this morning (got a server error trying to get a token).

Does HAM bridge allow you to put the access token in the headers or is it required to be in the URL?