not working anymore?

So what is going on? There have been weeks go by that I can’t log in via my username. The only way in was to use FB or an email login. Now I can’t get into the webpage at all. It just sits there with a blank page. (I was just on there a week ago!) bunch of numbers, which I assume is associated with my account. Surely I’m not the only one that has come across this, but I’m seeing nothing here or on the web. ??

the old IDE was shutdown when ST completed the migration to Edge and the new architecture. They were probably forwarding the old URLs to the new one noted below but looks like they have now closed them down recently. other users reporting their old URLs have ceased.

you should now use:


Oh well for crying out loud. I never saw that and I don’t think they ever announced it, at least not where I hung out. Seems like it would have been a great idea to post a banner on the old site.

Oh well, thanks MUCH for pointing me in the right direction!


The old IDE was only ever documented on as I recall, and when the regional shards came along you were expected to redirect manually by clicking on whichever SmartThings Location you wanted to access. There were reasons for having Locations on multiple shards at the time but they arguably didn’t affect most users and so going direct to the correct shard was common practice.

They then made it so that would take you directly to the shard for the default Location for your account but it was one of those things they just did without ever really announcing or documenting it. That still works to direct you to now the IDE has gone.

The ‘graph’ URLs did start pointing you to the ‘right’ place, such as it is, but now appear to have stopped working completely while still resolving.

It’s a fairly typical case of what SmartThings seem to think they’ve told the users and what they’ve actually told the users being two different things.