[OBSOLETE] FAQ: How do I access Smartapps, Devices, etc. from web (the old IDE information)

I know I’m late to the game, but I used to be able to login to account.samsung.com and see My Hubs, My Locations, My Devices, My Smartapps, My Device Handlers, etc.

How do I do that now?

All I get now is:

Thank you!




Thank you so much!

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http://ide.smartthings.com/ redirects only to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ (US)

The old one redirects user to the correct location, do we still have a similar one now?

E.g. EU/UK

Click on My Locations and select your location and it loads the correct SHARD.

Or just bookmark your SHARD once you know it.

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I think the most you can say is that it redirected to the regional shard for your default Location, if you had one, which was probably good enough for most users.

For those users whose Locations were manually or automatically assigned to the ‘wrong’ regional shard it arguably masked future issues.

When you read the discussion of shards in the old documentation you are given the impression you can freely mix and match the shards you use. However things seem to have developed differently. Back then it was about load balancing. Now it is about regional deployment.