SmartThings mobile app not connecting to SmartThings graph.api account?

Has anyone else had trouble connecting their online SmartThings account to their mobile app SmartThings account? I see there is a spot on the webpage for “My (Hubs|Devices)”, but I do not see my things there.

What I’m expecting to see: my hub, and my four OSRAM lights in my account.

What I saw but didn’t expect: the online graph.api account didn’t recognize the email and password I use on my iPhone, so I created another account with the same credentials.

I’m sure that’s frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: You’ll need to go back to your original account. Adding a second account will just confuse things.

The situation you’re seeing almost always occurs because you’ve managed to get to the IDE for a different “shard” than your account resides on.

Smartthings currently has three different IDE locations. One for accounts which were set up in the first 15 or 16 months, one for North American accounts which were set up after that, and one for EU accounts.

If you go to one of the other URLs, you will be able to sign in, but your device list will be blank.

You can see the specific URLs in the list at the community – created wiki.

To be honest, I don’t remember exactly how you’re supposed to get directed to the right one otherwise although I know there’s a way.

@slagle or @aaron should know.


The account is most likely listed on NA02, which can be accessed here:


If someone has an account on NA02 or on the EU shard and they are on the forum and click on the “developer tools” link at the top of the first page of the forum will signing in take them to their account? Or do they have to know the different URLs?

When you click on My Locations, the IDE will boot you over to the appropriate shard. We don’t have currently single sign on (SSO) across server regions, so if you log into graph.api, you will need to log in to NA02, etc.

I know it’s annoying, but was done this way to help scale. We are working on re-architecting some (well… many) of the platform components, and this will likely go away as the system evolves, but I do not have an ETA.

A not so pleasant workaround - if you create a location in each shard you will see a list of locations such as:

If you click on the location name - you will get redirected to the shard for that location. Obviously not ideal but easier than memorizing the shard. Personally i have every shard location bookmarked so google auto completes the URIs for me.


This appears to have been the issue. NA02 has my things registered on it. Thanks for the quick responses, all!


If I can just say … THIS NEEDS to posted in a very accessible place that end users can get to … it isn’t the very basics of the “documentation” - and I couldn’t remember it remotely this weekend. I searched ALL over ST doc’s and finally a kind sole on the forum linked it for me. PLEASE get this in the FRONT page of the doc where customer facing things should be. Much appreciation!

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