Smart Tiles Help

I know this was discussed in the last few weeks but can not find it in the search.
I have Smart Tiles installed on my Android tablet & works great. Problem is if I do not use it on a regular bases I have to go through the log in page. (see picture) Then sometimes it will go to the correct page other times just shows a lot of HTML on the page.
How do I stay logged in?

Darn… Sorry to hear of the trouble, Mike.

  • There is no surefire way of eliminating the auto-logout and re-login requirements for SmartTiles v5.8, unfortunately. If you have Tasker or Fully and can manage to keep the browser session alive with frequent enough “refreshes”, that’s been the most successful strategy.

  • The “sometimes shows a lot of HTML” is not unheard of, but much less common. It has a couple of known causes, but if inconsistent, then it’s hard to resolve. Is the Tablet always on the same network? Firewalls / Anti-Virus can cause it, for example.

  • Reminder to you and everyone that ActionTiles (“V6”) offloads SmartTiles from the SmartThings Cloud, and thus avoids both of the above issues. No use us trying to fix the above in v5.8 when V6 deserves all our effort.

  • Please send me a note: so I can follow-up with you. A snapshot of the “just HTML” would be nice, but not critical.