SmartTiles - Login Requirements - practicality?

I’m interested to hear how people are working with smart tiles with the need to launch and log in…

I have it running on an ipad mini (first gen). I turn the screen on and 9 times out of 10 the browser refreshes. I then have to click launch and then click login (credentials saved) to get the dashboard to appear. This for me defeats the object of having a quick to access ‘dashboard’ of controls.

How are people working around this? Smart Tiles is clearly very popular, is this just an accepted limitation and part of the ‘workflow’ of bringing up the dashboard? In the real world, do people find this a practical ‘guest’ friendly way of interacting with your smart home?

Could the issue be compounded for me because the first gen ipad doesn’t have much memory and has to reload web pages more frequently particularly when switching between apps?

Thanks in advance


Replacement generation of SmartTiles… ActionTiles has new architecture and doesn’t have the uncontrolled logout issue. Beta Testers love it!

Stay tuned please, thanks!


Beta testers you say? We’ll I’d love to be one of these! In the mean time, we’d love some kind of guesstimated eta for a release :smiley:

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We’d love to give you an ETA, but our final Beta phase is running this week, and I don’t want to jinx it!

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I totally understand that. I am kind of in a holding pattern with my wall unit installations. I have done some of the configuration for them already, but I don’t want to get in too deep if I’m going to be changing over to the new Action Tiles soon. lol, I just don’t want to double up on the work.

That’s wise.

At this point, we definitely advise not putting effort into elaborate SmartTiles configurations, as they will not be compatible or convertible to this major overhaul to ActionTiles.

Can you confirm whether ActionTiles will be a subscription based service? If so, what will the rates be?

Can’t confirm anything yet, sorry. Only promising everyone will get a free trial period and there will be some reasonable charge or charges to continue use.

We aim for “affordable” and justifiable value, but understand that everyone’s budget and necessities is a personal decision.

We will have special limited time launch savings. So very much appreciate your patience and can’t wait to get this out there!

pleased I read this, was just about to spend the day playing with css to configure my tiles. might just wait.

I really like the idea of having photo backgrounds for each of my tiles.


This. I’m running Kiosk Browser with the screen dimming but never turning off, with a permanent power supply. It’s been running for six days now with no need to re-log in.

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Are either of you concerned with screen burn it, or is that not really a thing anymore? I only ask because I like the idea of doing something akin to this, but I’ve seen tablets (perhaps older ones?) used as displays that had a logo or something similar that was always on screen and had burned into the panel.

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My … 15 year old? … 20" Dell Monitors (LCD) have some burn in, such as the Windows Task Bar area, but it’s not too bad.

LCD burn in is much less likely than on CRT phosphor monitors, but, that Dell example shows it is technically possible.

If you’re using a cheap tablet, then it may be more likely to burn in, especially if you don’t use Tasker or something to dim the screen when there is no motion in front of the camera, etc., … but I don’t think it is a huge concern.

If you have surveillance web cams, for example, the value of having them always visible outweighs the faint burn-in that may occur around their borders.

My screen dims waaasy down to near darkness (using some utility of which I forget the name right now), then brightens when someone walks near it. So I doubt burn-in will ever be an issue.

Oh, and it’s now more than two weeks since I last had to log in on smarttiles.