SmartTiles logging out! Help it's driving my wife crazy

I use a iPad at my door using smarttiles. It use to be when I walk up to it push the home button and the tiles were there. Now when I push the home button the tiles come up but then I have to launch it then log into api then it will come back. It seems it logs out after a couple of hours this has been working for months until now. Is there away to keep it from logging out?

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Its an issue where SmartThings required SmartTiles to change the way it authenticated the dashboard. Unfortunately for now if the page isn’t refreshed every 20 or so mins it will logout. @tgauchat and @625alex are working on SmartTiles V6 which should resolve this but no ETA as of yet.

One thing you can do is go into the settings for password management in safari and prefill the login details. This way you can simply hit login instead of typing it out. If you were using android you could use autoinput to automate it completely.


Yup…sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a temporary glitch until we get SmartTiles “V6” released, which puts authorization control back in our hands.

Details from us and helpful workarounds from Community users at…

Any idea when ActionTIles will be released and what the price will look like? Also just to confirm this will stop the having to log back in all the time correct?

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"Soon"… And “definitely affordable and an excellent value”. You can join in the hypothetical pricing discussion here:


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With 4 ST tablets, the login issue is maddening. You can’t just hit login, since that takes you to the main IDE page most of the time. You have to back up two pages and then login. A pain.

People using Fully Kiosk Browser have the ability to refresh the page at a configurable interval. This keeps the session alive. I don’t use Fully and I haven’t been able to figure out a way to make it happen though. I thought I could just have Tasker wake up the tablet periodically, but this didn’t seem to work. I don’t know a way to tall Chrome to refresh or load a page from Tasker. . . . So I wait for Action Tiles.


It’s working pretty well. The browser will periodically crash, but I can keep it logged in and functioning for days by simply waking the screen every 15 minutes.

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A temporary work around that’s been working for me for the past 6+ months is (you need an iOS device), open the smart things app, go into smart tiles and click on the preview dashboard option. It will open the preview in safari, on the bottom there will be a button on safari with an arrow, if you hit it you will get an option to share the URL. Share it to your Gmail or copy it and voila. No login required.

I’ll pretend I never read this. :hear_no_evil: :wink:


So what have you guys decided to use with this? Are u still using SmartTiles? Is it still logging out on you?

I just got a Amazon Fire Tablet, and want to try and get this running properly

If you don’t want to wait till the new version 6. Then you’ll need to follow the link in post #4 to the version 5.8 discussion.

If you decide to go 5.8 you will need to decide which method of the ones available that you will use to keep your connection active so you don’t get logged out. Or by another means listed in this topic that might work?

I recommend you root your fire tablet and put CM12 on it. Get away from the Amazon forced lock screen before you do anything else. There is alot of information in the version 5.8 topic and people will be able to help you more in there than your questions lost over here by themselves.

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