Smart tiles and foscam

so I had to reinstall smart tiles :frowning: and now for some reason I can not get any thing except a still image from one of my cameras. I have tried a few combinations and im 90% sure i tried what was working before i reinstalled so dos anyone have a Fl9821w v2 working?


my bad i figured it out … it was a typo

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I just picked up a couple of C1’s. What is the correct way of implementing them?


each camera model and brand have different protocols for working in smart tiles. The c1 is one of the newer models that i am not familiar with. (i stopped buying foscam for multiple reasons)

maybe someone else on the forum has gotten them to work I would suggest searching the forum and looking at this link

I forgot to mention you can search a specific topic when the thread is really long which may help narrow it down to foscam c1

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