Camera-- Foscam

I have a Foscam camera that I can get working and it will show a snapshot image thats a still image.

I want the image to be a video and I’ve found the correct link for video from the camera…
I tried to changing out the snapshot link to the video link from the camera but I think theres more to it than just that…

Does anyone have this working yet?

I don’t think that is actually possible yet with SmartThings.

Even my Vera system, which has a high level of integration with Focasm (you can use the camera as a motion sensor), isn’t able to send video. The Vera simulates video by taking 2-3 pictures per second and presenting it as a slide show. They use the same URL SmarthThings uses. I can see SmarthThings going this route as well since it would greatly reduce bandwidth requirements.

Yup thats what my Vera did as well. I’m using a different app to view both cameras so all is good while they figure out what there going to do…

The Foscam will be fully supported soon. I’ve spoken with quite a few of the guys at ST’s about it. It will work as soon as they support ip based devices. Unfortunately, that ETA keeps getting pushed.

From my understand they are working on this as well. I believe we’ve all gotten to the same point of integration based on the forum posted back in August. I’ve started writing an app that uses a motion sensor to auto snap shots (as others have mentioned) and alert the system on how many have been taken since the last “check”.

I’ve run into issues trying to figure out how to delete the photo’s that have already been taken.

Anyways, I’d rather not spend a ton of time and sensors if ST is planning on a fully integrated system, including the internal motion sensor, in the new few weeks. I’d also love to know if there’s a plan to integrate video because if so that changes my configuration quite a bit as well.

@megapixel any thoughts on beta / production timelines? Seems like this request is picking up steam pretty fast.

It has been several months, and I’m not seeing any updates. For now, I would like to at least add it as a snapshot, but I’m not even sure how to do that. Any help will be appreciated.

2 years and nothing… :smile: yay