Foscam FI9821P

Anyone have any success getting to connect to the video stream over the internet on this device? My older FOSCAM works great with this stream address, but for the 9821, no dice. I am trying to get the video into SmartTiles but until I can see the stream on my browser I am certain it won’t work in SmartTiles.

I can get the pictures so I know I can connect, but can’t figure out the stream.


What’s the streaming URL per the vendor / manual?

A lot of new cameras only stream via RTSP (not HTTP) or stream compressed video that only works with a plug-in unless you have a transcoding proxy server…

Didn’t see in the manual, which is why I ask. I found a “spy site” they call themselves that had URLs for every camera under the sun apparently. That’s a little spooky. But yes, its rstp only and SmartTiles doesn’t support, so a return it is!

(SmartTiles drives my purchase behavior sometimes!!)


There is a way to force it into MP4 to work with Smart Tiles

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Awesome, thank you. But it does appear the whole camera is borked after part of a day screwing with it. Amazon is sending me out a different one.

I did the URL post mentioned in that thread, got the 0 code confirmation, and it worked in SmartTiles with a change in the URL string.

Excellent find, thanks.

If you got it working in SmartTiles, what else isn’t working with it? Did you get the firmware updated to the latest version?

I just got two of these, one works well in MJPEG mode with RBoy’s device type, the other keeps giving random connection rejected messages… likely going to exchange that one, myself

From Foscam:

Fetching JPG snapshots by URL parameters

The URL example is as follows:


Use the above to attain a snapshot image, this also supports fetching the highest resolution stream image.

Fetching MJPEG stream by URL

There are two steps needed to fetch the MJPEG URL stream.

Step 1: Set one of the streams to MJPEG.

the current chipset on HD cameras only supports two H.264 streams
(Mainstream and Substream), we need to set one of the streams to an
MJPEG stream, as the chipset does not support three streams. After we
set one of the streams to an MJPEG stream, we can fetch the videostream
using an HTTP URL.

Here is an example URL on how to set one stream to an MJPEG stream:


“1” sets an MJPEG stream, if we don’t want to set the MJPEG stream, we
would set the number to “0”, “0” sets an H.264 stream.

When inputting this URL and pushing “Enter” in your browser, it will return the following result:


Step 2: After setting the MJPEG stream, it can be fetched using an HTTP URL.

the example HTTP URL you would use to fetch the MJPEG videostream. Note
that this differs from older MJPEG cameras like the FI8910W, but the
videostream result is the same.


Simply replace the IP address, port, username, and password into the above URL to access your camera’s MJPEG stream.

You can refer to the CGI document on setSubStreamFormat and GetMJStream if you wish.

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Oh, mine won’t go to IR mode so we can see at night, the wireless is terribly flaky where another FOSCAM next to it rocks, and it randomly is resetting and keeps trying to force itself to look down and you need to reset to get it to goto normal home position. It also reloads the admin area every 3 screens, just keeps resetting session. Something is goofy on that device.

Nice work on the Google-fu to get that foscam doc as I couldn’t find that.

I just recvd one of the FI9821P and spent most of the day setting it and the RBoyApps up. It does have awesome video, but frankly, the WYZE camera for 25.00 is just as good and using IFTTT is a lot easier to automate with ST. I had hoped the Foscam would be worth the extra $$ but it really isn’t IMHO.

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I got one of these from Amazon for $27 refurbished. Even though it had no disc or documentation I was able to get the MJPEG stream working for Actiontiles.

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