Smart Things Switch

I need help with adding virtual switch to my hub. I did it before but the app got updated and now I`m lost. Does anyone know how to add custom app to the hub?

Do you use Android or iOS?

Also do you see smartthings labs when adding a smart app ?

Android, I tried to do it through the app and browser.

Yes, but my icon marketplace has disappeared.

Top right + symbol
Scroll down to smartapp
Look in the list of available smsrtapps for smartthings labs
If you see labs tap it
See if virtual switch is available
Market Place no longer exists btw

Got it, thank you.

@fido beat me to it :slight_smile: Labs is only on Android, hence why I asked.

Alternatively you can also add them manually from the IDE by creating a new device as explained here.

Its not on my Samsung s10 !
Only special people got it, me and JD aren’t special enough

strange. are you outside the USA or Korea? I have it on my Fire Tablet with SmartThings Sideloaded and a BlueStacks version of ST.

Go to Smartapps first then + symbol. If you use + symbol on home screen and pick smartapps it doesn’t show. At least not on my phones.

I’m UK and JD is USA, we don’t see it no matter what we do, at least no matter what i do, perhaps JD will see it if he uses Pats way

JD uses iOS, so that’s why he doesn’t see it and UK is why you don’t see it. Not a huge mystery why it doesn’t work, more a mystery why Samsung limits things to certain regions and/or phones.