Smartthings Labs virtual Switch available

Looks like virtual switch has returned to the Android Smartthings Labs section


In addition to be back on-line it lists switches that were created using the API Browser+.

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I find it odd that it is included in Android ST Labs only, why is it not included in the ‘add device’ , ‘life’ or ‘Automations’ discover section which would make it available to all


In a stroke of genius it lists every single one of my VIRTUAL devices, even the ones that aren’t switches …

I guess it is the same weird logic that places ‘Unknown tag detection’ in the SmartThings Find settings with a white on red ‘Labs’ icon but doesn’t feature it in SmartThings Labs, which also doesn’t feature the icon. To be fair it does at least have settings in that context. On phones without SmartThings Find the app component appears as ‘Search for unknown tags near you’ appearing in the app settings, again with a ‘Labs’ flag, despite clearly not being in any way a setting.

I am happy for it to rot in the Labs section. I don’t want anything messing with my virtual devices.

I remember when I used the CLI to test the SmartThings virtual devices a long time ago, I noticed that they didn’t run local. I just created a virtual switch from Labs, and created an Automation (Routine) and it’s not showing as running local. Oh well…

Perhaps the reason they run in the cloud is that most ST users dont use a hub… just guessing