Smart things multi sensor reporting open then closed randomly

Anyone else had issues with sensors reporting open then closed - triggering the alarm ? Happened at 1.44am the last two nights then I had to put it to disarm to stop it repeating … previously happened with a different sensor Which I had to remove …

Very annoying !

Yeah I’ve had the same issue with my driveway sensor and laundry door sensor.

Hey @lookalikey,

I must admit that I have not seen an issue like this previously so you have peaked my interest here! One thing I’m noticing right off the bat from your screenshot is that the sensor is not only reporting open/close but also reporting acceleration. This should only occur if the sensor is physically being moved or shaken. Another thing to look at is how close the magnet is to the sensor itself. If the magnet is too far away you could possibly get intermittent readings, especially if there is physical movement/vibration taking place too!

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Thanks for the reply.

Interesting I’ve never known what acceleration is or what it means ! I wonder if that’s a factor. This sensor sits on a window (double glazed) so cant imagine it has any movement in it. It’s sat right next to the magnet.

I’ve another sensor which has started doing this like every hour or two - I’ve changed battery… reset it… not sure what else I can try ? Maybe they just become faulty ? They are all 3 years and a few months old …

Any ideas what I can try ?

You mentioned that you changed the battery, do you notice any correlation between this behavior and when you change the battery? We have seen a good amount of issues where cheap batteries can cause a lot of weird issues

Nope replaced battery with Duracell abs the issue remains on this one sensor …

There’s typically Lots of vibration on windows, put your hand on the window and you can feel it if A heavy truck goes by. Or even just a couple of kids running through the room. And if you have a window with a sill, a bird landing on the sill can vibrate the window. That only applies to the glass, though. If the sensor is sitting on the wood frame, it should be fine.

Manufacturers usually advise that you put the sensor either on the wooden frame around the window or on the wall with the magnet part on the glass.

In your case, though, the pair of reports is happening so quickly that it does look more like either a battery issue or a defective device issue.

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