Bad Multipurpose sensor

is it possible a sensor went bad, i have one say my door is open went in fact its closed. it has responded for about 4 days now. do i need to replace the batter or replace the whole sensor. Battery life says 66%

66% percent could be dead, the battery level is not dependable at all. New battery and it’ll probably come right back. Sometimes they fall off the grid too, just pull the battery and put it back in. If the light comes on BRIGHT it should work, if it’s dim, bad battery. I’ve sent two back that were defective as well, out of a dozen or so.

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great, thank you will try that. yeah the battery reading inst right ever.

I have recently had to change batteries on several multipurpose sensors that were reporting battery life in the 60’s but that stopped working. For the record I use the cheapest battteries I can buy on Amazon (EMazing) and they work just as well as the factory batteries.

Assuming you are referring to SmartThings multipurpose sensors. I have replaced batteries too hoping for a restore / fix. I also have one with Door knocker smart app that constantly is reporting FALSE positive, probably a malfunction / hardware problem. I would contact support - they will sometimes replace if it is not too old. Good luck.

Dead battery, I only get 3 months service out of my multipurpose sensors before the batteries die, and it’s not dependent upon usage. My front door is never used but to check the mail daily, and it runs out in about 3 months too. I will not buy another multipurpose sensor and I will probably put one of the two I own on the mailbox. The other one will probably get put on the liquor cabinet. The Smartthings motion detector proved unreliable too with false reporting. The multipurpose also reported false knocks when used for that.

The battery life percentage is grossly wrong as well reporting above 66% when actually dead, consistently.

You have change battery and check it.

I changed the battery and the percentage continues to report wrong. It also consumes batteries really quick.