Door sensor false alarms on new install

Just purchased a new kit and added a door sensor to my patio doors. These doors are never used and always locked. The system has only been installed for 5 days and the patio door sensor keeps triggering an intrusion when Armed (away). When checking this, the contact is closed, and no one has tried to break the glass. Battery is fully charged.

Any ideas what could be causing the false alarms?

What kind of door sensors are you using? Regular contact sensors or multisensors?

Regular Samsung multi sensors. I have found the issue. Magnet was mounted on an angle due to the profile on the door. The magnet was only clipping the edge of the sensor. Slight movement was opening the connection. Need to make an angled wedge to straighten up the magnet. Thanks for the reply.

yeah, that could do it. have you looked at the logs to see if its the contact or vibration sensor triggering? Those multi sensors are also known for triggering vibrations alerts on doors when the wind blows hard, thunder, etc.

Yeah checked the logs and it the sensor opening, not vibration. Going to attempt to get more of the magnet over the main sensor body.

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