Smart things hub died? (30 April 2021)

My smart things hub is disconnected from internet

I’ve restarted it. Taken batteries out and unplugged. Restarted router. Not sure what else to try - has my hub just died ? I’ve had it 5 years …

Firmware Version 000.036.00005
Hardware Version hub v2, UK customer

Anyone any ideas what else I can try ?

I don’t think your hub died, there seems to be an outage, as more and more people are talking about their hubs not connecting to the internet. It’s a shame that Samsung has the audacity to show the status as “operational”…

So more people have lost there internet on the v2 hub to. So it’s not broken as video chat told me and contact support in the automated number that just cuts you off at the end. My house and my family now depend on this working stably ! It’s not good at all.

I also have Smartthings v. 2 and for several days none of my automations work. Simple stuff like turnings Sengled lights on and off with the sun. The message I’m getting is a network or server error occurred. Try again later. Any ideas?

There have been platform outages listed on the official status page for a day or two. :disappointed_relieved: nothing we as customers can do about it except hope that they fix it soon.

You can also subscribe to updates on that page. Not all problems get posted to the status page, but outages usually do eventually.


You are correct. I just called and was told there is an issue with the sunrise/sunset automation and that I need to use a specific time. Samsung is working on the problem.

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if you continue to see that error, try uninstalling the ST app, reboot your mobile device, reinstall the ST app and see if that resolves it.