Water sensor reliability issues

I have a new system. I carefully set it up a few weeks ago and tested the water sensors by applying moisture, and it appeared everything was ok.

Today I get an alert that the hub is offline. Most of my sensors now show as “Unavailable”. I moved one of the sensors very close to the hub, restarted the hub, clicked the button in the sensor for 5 seconds until it blinked blue, but it still showed as Disconnected in the app. I removed the battery from the sensor and tried various things but it will never show as connected. This happened with another sensor I tested.

But then I applied some moisture to a sensor that was “Disconnected”, and it alerted my phone anyway, still while Disconnected.

Then I removed and reconnected one of my sensors, it shows as connected, but when I apply moisture it never alerts.

I have placed the hub very far from other electronics to ensure there is no Zigbee interference, but that doesn’t help.

The History page of the app doesn’t show the alert i got from today, only alerts from two weeks ago.

So basically nothing is making sense in my system.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I’ve spent over $300 on this system and right now it’s useless.

what kind of water sensors?

they look like this and i purchased them a month ago, so i’m assuming they’re the latest model:

Where are you seeing unavailable at? In the IDE or the ST app? Do you have device health turned on?

I have device health turned on.

I’m seeing “unavailable” in the app.

I am not a developer (you mentioned ‘IDE’ which I assume means you thought I was a developer.)


Try turning off device health. I still have a v1 hub so I can’t use it personally, but it sounds like people generally find it to be buggy and may explain some of the behavior you’re seeing.

I also suggest turning off device health. It’s buggy.

The solution seems to be to leave the battery out of the sensor for a while, I suppose there’s residual charge in the device. My sensors have re-connected now. Thanks to every one that replied.