Smart Things App for Kindle Fire?

I am new to Smart Things, but am finding much joy in turning on and off the lights from my phone. My question is: if or when there will be a “Smart Things” app for the Kindle Fire? It is surprising to me that you can purchase so many of the devices from Amazon, but the app is not on the Amazon app site. (Or I could just be missing something.)

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As far as I can tell there is no version available for the Kindle Fire, because the app uses google services. An earlier version of the software did not.

For now I use 625Alex’s ActiON Dashboard to control my devices on my Kindle…
625Alex’s ActiON Dashboard

It is an smartthings app that is a webpage based.

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Does the Fire not have access to the Play Store?

The Kindle Fire does not have access to the Play store. It is technically android device, Amazon locked the device to their walled garden. I know the device had been root-able in the past, but it not something everyone can do. Plus I recall fire updates have been slowly widdling away the pathways to routing.

do a google search on kindle fire sideload apps. You don’t have to root the table to load some of the apps. I loaded a bunch of apps to my fire tv but never thought about the ST app. I will try that when I have a chance.

I think the latest version of the Android SmartThings app requires Google Services.

I sideload the ST app to my fire TV and it was unusable due to the resolution but ActiON4 was pretty good on firefox. I don’t have a Kindle to load it on to see if it will work.

So I also sideloaded ST app apk from Google play store to my kindle 6 HD yesterday and it’s pretty much work like my nexus 7. It’s actually looking better than my ipad. I didn’t load google service apps cause I don’t think I will be using the ST presence option on my kindle.

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To sideload you need access to the apk, right?
Is that available to download somewhere?

(I just grabbed the 2015 Fire for $34 on black friday week. i think it’s normally $50, which is also a great deal.)

I was also thinking about trying this:

Here’s a post and some members sideload/root their new fire. It’s near bottom of the post.

This worked like a charm, by the way.