Smart thing tracker

I just got this tracker they set it up. But it seems to say disconnected all the time. And it will not update location when connected. It takes a while trying to update then says can’t update. Also I try and do auto update and it just says connecting to tracker but never does connect I have checked. Battery is fill and it’s on.

Are you referring to the Samsung SM-V110a SmartThings tracker?

If you are, do you get good AT&T cellular service where you are?

Its through bell and yes great service here

It seems to stay on for about 10 min then says disconnected and I can’t update location update times either. It says something went wrong try latter.

Screen shot

In the settings menu, click on “manage mobile service”. Does it list a current plan? If not, something probably went wrong during account setup.
You might try deleting and re-adding the tracker to the smart things app.
If that doesn’t work, assume the device is defective and return it.