SmartThings Tracker SM-V110V

Had my SmartThings tracker working ok. Firmware update was possibly interrupted. Just flashes blue after power on, then after a few minutes just flashes red.
Anyone know to hard reset this or ?

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Update! I let it flash red while I slept and then it was flashing red/green/blue and ready to hook up!
Maybe the firmware update needed a long time to apply?
At any rate, it is good now.
Glad I am on this forum now.
I had a tracker before and was extremely helpful with tracking my daughter. It got smashed and I bought 2 new ones from amazon. Got one working, just kinda convoluted to use the verizon thingspace portal.
I’ll be using these often and may have to ask for help or share experience.

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Hey there! Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: @ohmbroo. Awesome news that you were able to resolve the concern, thanks for keeping us updated!

Thank you for the tag as well @jkp.

For future references on your specific device, the flashing blue LED just means that the device was removed and initialized, which prepares it to be claimed by Smart Things.

The state for claiming the device is when the LED Indicator is displaying Red/Green/Blue which you observed.

Note: This does not interrupt an LTE service (Verizon in your case).
Additionally, prior to any removal of the device from the Smart Things App, please ensure the device is NOT currently in motion as this could affect things.

I wanted to provide you with a great troubleshooting guide for your device that explains this information: Reinitialize the SmartThings Tracker

If you have any more concerns or questions with the device feel free to reach out to us at the support contact information below:

SmartThings US:
LTE Service: 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)
You can additionally reach out here to me, and the wonderful community for further support!

I hope this message finds you well!


Thank you! Nice to see an awesome support forum for these smart things and trackers.